Fermalogic engages in basic research to explore secondary metabolism in actinomycetes. For most of its history, Fermalogic has used Saccharopolyspora erythraea,­­ the erythromycin producer,­ ­as its model system. Applications for our research have been developed primarily for strain and process improvements in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Spin­off technologies and products have also been developed in the area of pharmaceutical discovery and development and nutraceuticals.

Fermalogic’s core expertise is in the handling and manipulation of actinomycetes, which are used in industrial fermentations for the biosynthetic production of antibiotics, anticancer agents, immunosuppressants, and other natural products.

Fermalogic also has pioneered the area of co­product recovery from industrial fermentations. Fermalogic’s first technology in co­product development applies to the recovery of isoflavones (genistein and daidzein), from soy­bean based fermentations particularly the erythromycin fermentation. Fermalogic is actively seeking licensees for our coproduct recovery technology described in US Patent No. 8,426,189.

Facilities and Resources | Fermalogic is independently owned and operated. Our offices and lab are in the Jane Addams Development complex, a converted factory, located within the Ravenswood Industrial Corridor of Chicago’s Near North Side. Fermalogic also is a member of the Health, Technology, and Innovation Center (HTI) at the Chicago Technology Park of the University of Illinois at Chicago with shared office space, conference rooms, library resources, and expansion laboratory space.

Research Support | Fermalogic's research has been supported in the past through grants from The National Institutes of Health in conjunction with the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. In addition Fermalogic has provided consulting and contract research to the pharmaceutical and agricultural industries including Novartis (Sandoz), Dow Agrosciences, Roussel­Uclaf, and Polfa Tarchomin.

Products |  Fermalogic now supplies macrolide scaffolds for the pre-clinical research community and for industrial macrolide producers.

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